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Do you want to get into drones or you would like to change your current one and go for a better one and you are on your way to research for your next drone. We think we can help you get the best in market the for the money. Here you are going to list our top pick for you choose choose the best drone for you either to play with or for professional photography or just to give somebody as a gift. The listed ones are the best drones 2017 has produced yet in their respective category. We have divided our suggestions into two parts, for those who are looking for drones to get into professional photography and other one for those who want drones as a toy to play with. The first two picks are for the professional photography and the last one is just for something to play with but with a potentials to use for professional level too. These are the drones which come with a lot of facilities as well as a big price tag. You can use this for professional photography, video production, police searches, surveillance etc.

DJI Mavic Pro | Best Drone 2018 in the Market


DJI Mavic Pro is the best in lot of listings we have researched and there are proper reasons for it. It’s like the film everybody loves to watch regardless of age, sex, personality, rich or poor. It’s the best for portability. The best. If you want to go for a trip, you will for sure take your cell phone and you can take your Mavic Pro. It’s that much portable. It is designed in such a way that the design makes it more portable and smaller. You can fold the controllers and fit it inside your bag very easily. Just so you know, since it’s small, don’t think that it doesn’t have all the capabilities of a high end drone. It has all the features a standard drone has.  Mavic Pro has a 4k-capable camera with wide angle lens along with effective image stabilization mechanism. It has a wireless range of 4 miles from where you can see what you are shooting real time using your cell phone attached to your controller.

DJI Mavic pro camera Closeup

It also comes with obstacle avoidance mechanism which will save itself when you are flying it, at the same time when it is flying itself. It has the battery life of 21 minutes and top speed of 40 miles per hour.

It also has the built-in mechanism so that if you lose it in the air, it will come back to you where it initially started from and avoid all the obstacles on it’s way. It has 5 vision sensors which enables it to feel any obstacles standing around 49 feet away which will tell it to stop or take a new course to avoid the crash. Phantom 4 Pro | Best for the Professionals This is the best drone for  the filmmakers and photographers. It is has got 20 megapixel camera and mechanical shutter.  It can also detect obstacles very fast. So for example if  there is anything in front of it’s way, a building, mountain or a tree, it will stop going into that direction. Even if you try to bump it into a building, it will stand still near it. From the DJI Go App, You can see how far it is from the obstacle and when it is too near to it, the app will sound an alarm, initially giving red signals in the app bar.


It has got the options for manual photography.  It also has the 4K video capability with 60 frames per second like the previous one. If you want to take pictures, it will take pictures with the quality of 20 megapixels. So if the camera is in consideration, you can customize it better, it can perform better, and it’s bigger than it’s previous version.


If you consider the build and the design you will see that it’s very similar to it’s previous version.  But in terms of quality, it’s way better and it performs better.  It is just a little bit bigger than it’s previous version but DJI did a lot of enhancement in terms of performance. So we will say it is as good as Mavic Pro in all terms but portability.


In terms of battery life DJI says  the drone will survive for 30 minutes with its optimal performance and when a test was done and in the reviews we found it’s around 28 minutes which is more than its counterparts. To recharge the battery, it takes around 1 hour and 30 minutes  from critical to hundred percent. It’s a very good bet for the professionals. Parrot BEBOP 2 | Best among Medium Range Drones.


In the list the third one is the most easy to fly. It’s even better. You can fly it in your home or outside. You can control it with your phone touching the screen. It supports android phones and iPhone both. It has a 14 megapixel camera. It uses  fish-eye lens which has a view of 180 degrees. It has a very fast processor, built-in mechanism to fix image distortion and image stabilization so that you can see the live feed of the videos it is taking right on your phone. It has 8 GB built in memory to capture videos with 1080p.


Just some  warning.  this is not a professional grade drone.  You can use it to play with your kids or give it is a Christmas gift to somebody.  Since you’re using your cell phone as the controller, you are not going to get full control over it as you will do if you have a separate remote controller. So in terms of the price tag, you get what you pay for.


Here you have it. Best drones 2017 yet produced. We highly recommend you to do some research before buying it as drone have different usage from professional photography to playing with kids.






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